Asian Girl Massage

Las Vegas has a lot of places where you can get a massage, most of which are going to ask you if you would prefer something like deep tissue or hot stone as far as the type. There is certainly nothing wrong with getting a massage at any of the locations you will find listed on the internet, but if you want a relaxing massage that will not only rub down your muscles but also provide the relief from stress that you are seeking, then you probably are looking for “Asian massage” or “Korean massage.” Basically these terms are used to describe a more sensual type of massage that is sought after by men who are looking for both massage and companionship. These types of services are the specialties of Asian women, which is why so many people refer to the massage type itself as “Asian” when it could be performed by nearly anyone from any culture. Asian girl massage is just the type that has been forever associated with erotic and sensual body rubs.

There is a specific type of massage called “nuru” that many men know to ask for. This means that the masseuse will not use only her hands to massage you, but also her entire body. The way it works is that the Asian girl covers parts of her body with a slippery oil, then uses those parts of her body to massage you. Often she will use her breasts or her butt to rub all over your body, providing your muscles with the relaxation you seek, but also giving you an erotic experience. If you are aroused by the massage don’t worry, not only does she know what to do but it is actually expected. Nuru massage encourages you to fantasize while it is going on, and while her body is touching yours you will probably become aroused. If a “happy release” happens, this is just another part of the massage. No, your typical massage business is not going to provide you with this type of release. All they can do is rub your muscles!

We are an “outcall Asian girl massage” business that operates in Las Vegas. We understand that many people who come here for business or pleasure are looking for not only a rub down after a hard day of work, but also for the company of a beautiful Asian woman. We come to your hotel room or your private home, because the types of massage we offer are too erotic for a business that has a room somewhere. We have always found that it is better to give erotic massage in the privacy of your space, because you are more comfortable there and will have a more sensual experience. We also don’t have to worry if anyone else is going to interrupt us, because if we come to you then there is nobody else around. We can have it be a totally private experience between our Asian girls and you, and thats an erotic experience like you have probably never had.