Asian Massage

What makes Asian massage so special? Probably the intimacy of it, maybe the beauty of the masseuse, and maybe that Asian women have a gentle touch that is different than every other kind of massage. Asian massage is also referred to as “erotic massage” sometimes, usually because people have come to understand that the Asian form of massage is more sensual than other forms. Asian massage will generally involve your whole body instead of just your back and legs, and if the masseuse performs “nuru” types of massage it may also involve her body as well. In that type of massage the masseuse will actually perform much of it with parts of her body other than her hands, essentially rubbing her breasts, butt, legs and even her mouth on you. “Nuru” is specialized and involves getting as slippery as possible in an attempt to allow the client to release as much stress as possible. The client is also encouraged to fantasize and become aroused during the session, which is something that most types of massage are not going to allow you to do. The goal is for you to feel as absolutely good as possible, completely relieved of all stress when we are done.

So what exactly is so erotic about the types of massages that Asian girls know how to give? Well first of all they are usually in the privacy of your own home or your hotel, which means that you can feel as relaxed as you want, even turning over on your back. Most massages are not going to do much for the front of your body because the girls do not like to touch you there. What if you were to become aroused? What would happen if you found the experience so sexy that you started to fantasize about the girl giving you the massage? Would you feel embarrassed and have your experience ruined? Asian massage encourages you to fantasize about us, to be aroused and to enjoy yourself. Thats what we are here for, and thats what you are here for too.

Does the body of your masseuse touching you make you feel good? When a person massages you with their hands it is meant to target deep into your muscles in order to work out the kinks and maybe even provide some therapy. Erotic massage is going to do that too, but in a way that is sexier and more intimate. Of course we want your muscles to be relieved, but we also want your mind to be relieved too. We know how hard it is to go through the day without someone rubbing your tired body, and showing you the affection that you desire. Thats why we are here, and we understand how to make you feel good. We know that there are certain areas of your body that go untouched during a typical massage, and thats why we are so different. Are you ready to get the best massage you have ever had? Are you ready to be rubbed down by the most beautiful Asian girl you have ever seen? Call us now.