Asian Outcall Massage In Las Vegas

What is an Asian outcall massage service? The answer is pretty simple, it is a service that is provided in your hotel room or home, instead of at a location that we own. There are lots of different kinds of outcall services, ranging from exotic dancers to clowns for birthday parties. Essentially anything that will happen at your location is technically “outcall” but in Las Vegas the majority of things that are called on as outcall are services that you feel more comfortable in your hotel. We provide “outcall Asian massage” which is private massages performed in your room by beautiful Asian girls. Usually, our customers are more comfortable in an environment where they stay than in a massage parlor, especially since our services are a lot more intimate than a typical massage. You can get a deep tissue massage at any number of places around town, but for a “happy release massage” or a “nuru massage” you are going to want to call us. Not only will those other places not know what you are talking about when you request these specific kinds of massages, there is a good chance you will be embarrassed if you ask for them. Lets just say that they don’t offer our kinds of services in their parlors!

Why are massages better if they are performed by beautiful Asian women? Once again the answer is pretty simple, a beautiful Asian woman has a better understanding of the very specific things that a man enjoys in their massage, and we don’t hold back. We know that you want us to give you a full body massage instead of just rubbing down your shoulders, and we know that you want to fantasize about us while we are massaging you. We know that when you request a “nuru” massage that you are referring to the ancient practice of rubbing our entire body on you using slippery oils. We aren’t embarrassed about doing it, and as a matter of fact we really want to. We love pleasing men just like you, and we have been trained our whole lives in the techniques that make men feel good. Sure it is possible that American girls might know a few of these techniques, but there is no doubt that we are better at it than they are. This is what we live to do, so there is probably no way that you will ever match the sensuality and passion of an Asian girl.

When you call us, we will come to your room when it is convenient for you, and we will give you a rub down that will loosen all of your muscles as well as all of your tensions. We will massage all of the areas that your wife probably hasn’t touched in a long time, and we will make you feel like the man that you are. You work really hard and you deserve the caring touch of a beautiful woman. We are only one phone call away, and we are waiting for you.

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