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nuru massageWhen you come to Las Vegas on vacation or business, one of the first things you are going to notice is that you can get just about anything here.  If you are staying on the strip, you can leave your room at any time of day or night and have access to any type of food that you want, any type of entertainment and nearly every type of alcohol or gambling under the sun. You can also find companionship of nearly any kind, all you have to do is specify what you are looking for and you can probably find it pretty quickly. But unfortunately there are also some rules to Las Vegas that you have to understand if you are going to have a good time here. Las Vegas is not like other cities because there are lots of things that are legal here that are not legal elsewhere, and because people do not understand the rules they can often get taken advantage of. One of the most obvious examples of this is the erotic massage industry, where because people do not understand that outcall massage is totally legal they sometimes get ripped off. They will give people their credit card over the phone and nobody ever shows up at their room, or maybe they will book one girl only to have a different girl show up. If you understand the ropes of how Las Vegas works, then you can have a great time without getting taken advantage of.

Our business is an “outcall nuru massage service,” which means that we offer massages that are performed in your house or hotel room. Instead of going to a massage parlor to find the erotic and sensual massages that you can’t get at those massage chains, our massage girls come to you. Because the service is performed in your private room or residence, we can get more sensual than if we were in a room in a public business, and we can even offer the most erotic and sexy massage on earth, the “nuru massage.” If you don’t know what nuru massage is, it means “slippery massage.” The technique is an ancient Asian form of massage where a beautiful woman covers herself in a slippery seaweed oil and then rubs you down using her body and not just her hands. She uses her entire body including her buttocks and breasts, as well as her mouth and hands. It is also sometimes referred to as “body to body” massage, but this can also describe other forms of erotic massage. If you are looking for the best nuru outcall massage in Las Vegas, call us right away and request it. Only certain girls are trained in nuru massage, so make sure that you request it when you book. Because it uses a special slippery oil, we are going to need to prepare it and bring it with us to your room. 

So if you are in Las Vegas and are looking for something totally different, make sure you try our nuru massage services in your room. You won’t regret it.

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