Nuru Massage In Las Vegas

So you are in Las Vegas, either on business or for fun. Maybe you live here, and maybe you are just passing through for a vacation. You have already been out and around on the strip, and now you are bored in your hotel room or your home. You would really enjoy the relaxation that a massage would bring you, and you would like someone to come to you. You would also love the company of a beautiful Asian girl who would be up for providing that massage, but you really don’t know who to call. Luckily, you have found the right website to arrange this service, and you will be happy to know that there is a type of massage that we specialize in which you might not have heard of. It’s called “nuru massage,” and it is probably the exact thing you are looking for.

“Nuru massage” is a technique of that originated in Kawasaki Japan, and it is an ancient form of erotic massage that many in the United States are not familiar with. It involves one or more nuru masseuses to perform the massage by rubbing parts of their bodies on you. The nuru masseuse is either nude or semi-nude, and she covers her skin in an odorless and colorless massage lotion made from Nori seaweed. The word “nuru” is Japanese for “slippery and smooth,” and the lotion is referred to as “nuru gel.” It consists of different types of seaweed leaves and sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, which is obtained from the leaves of the brown seaweed plant Sphaerotrichia divaricata. Chamomile, Azulene and other minerals are often added and are boiled down to make the base of the gel, which is then applied by hand to the body of the client. The gel is applied to your entire body, and the masseuse attempts to have as much contact from all parts of her body to yours as possible. You are encouraged to fantasize about what is happening while you are being touched, and are encouraged to allow as much stress to be relieved as possible. It is unlike most forms of massage that will rub some parts of your body while leaving others untouched. Nuru massage involves your whole body, and the body of the female who is massaging you.

We prefer to do nuru massage in the privacy of your hotel room or your home because of the intimate and erotic nature of it. We expect that you will become aroused, and encourage you to let your imagination run wild while we are giving you the massage. We want you to enjoy the way our bodies feel when we are touching you, and want you to allow yourself to enjoy the entire experience. This is about complete and total relaxation, and you shouldn’t have to worry about if it is ok to get aroused by the experience. It is ok and we fully expect it.

So does this sound like something that you would enjoy? If it does, call us right now.