James Stevens

What an amazing experience. Tina and Abby are the real deal…..yes TWINS! I never dreamed that I could come to Vegas and book twins for a nuru massage, but I guess that delivering on something more than you ever dreamed about is what Vegas does! These two showed me more attention than I ever could have imagined, and their unreal bodies made for an experience that I can assure you is unlike anything you are ever going to get anywhere else. 

Bill Peterson

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the attention that I received on my last massage. I booked Yuki and even though it was the first time I have used her service, I have to say that I was treated like gold from the very beginning right up until the end. I will definitely be calling her again!

Frank Lombardo

Absolutely amazing.  Bella’s touch is something that I could never have dreamed would relax me as much as it did.  She gives a whole new meaning to the term “sensual” massage.  Her body is beyond belief and for her to use it in the way she did is more than I ever could have imagined. 

Kelly Leoma

What can I say about Kiki? She was attentive to my needs and really went above and beyond anything that I could have asked for.  This is a girl that you want to call, believe me! I will be contacting this service any time I am in Las Vegas! Just call, you won’t be disappointed!

Tom and Mindy

If you have never heard of a “couples” massage, then you need to try this with your wife.  I was really impressed that the lady we hired actually took care of both of us, and was even open to letting my wife tell he some of the special things that I like!

Billy Jagrossa

I come to Las Vegas on business every couple of months.  My job is stressful, and the flight is six hours long. Usually, I am a little beat up from flying and I have to be sharp the next day for a presentation, so I always arrange for a sensual massage on the night my flight lands.  This helps me get rid of stress and also helps me to be mentally aware the next day.  Give it a try, you won’t regret it.