The Best Sensual Massage In Las Vegas

Millions of men come to Las Vegas every year. Some come as tourists and others come on business trips. Some come to work long hours at conventions and others come to gamble. They all have one thing in common, and that thing is that they could use a good massage at the end of a long day. Unfortunately for most men whoa re visiting Las Vegas, there is nobody there to give them a good rub down. Luckily, our massage girls are just a phone call away, and they are trained to give you the type of massage that you really want. Our massage girls are Asian, and they have been properly schooled in Asian massage techniques that are designed to allow men to relax and relieve the stresses of the work day.

There are many different types of massage that will make a man feel good, and simply rubbing his muscles is going to take a way some of his stress. But there are special types of massage that Asian girls are trained to do that are going to do a lot more for that stress relief than other types. We are talking about erotic massage, sensual massage, nuru massage and happy release massage. A typical therapeutic massage will involve a person rubbing your skin and muscles, but a sensual massage allows you to have the same type of rub down in a more intimate and sexy environment. In a nuru massage, the girl does not just use her hands to rub your body, and instead uses her entire body. A slippery liquid is used which allows her buttocks and breasts to slide along your skin, along with her hands and legs. The session is incredibly sexy and erotic, and you are encouraged to fantasize and tell your massage girl what you are fantasizing about. She understands that you find her attractive, and understands that touching you turns you on. There is nothing to worry about or be embarrassed about if you are aroused, this is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

A happy release massage is one where you are ultimately completely relieved of all your stresses and pent up aggression by your massage girl. She understands that it is nice to have your legs and shoulders rubbed, but there are areas that go untouched when you hire most massage girls. They will avoid those areas of your body because they are not trained well enough to understand where you actually are holding stress. A good Asian massage girl is going to rub down those areas too. The fact that she is beautiful as well is the cherry on top.

We perform our massages in an “outcall” situation. That means we come to you, to your hotel room or your private residence here in Las Vegas. We have found that for real stress releif it is far better to be in an environment where you are comfortable instead of a massage parlor. This is why we make sure that you can fully relax in your room. Give a a call right now.

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