The Differences Between Sensual And Regular Massage

If you are looking for a massage in Las Vegas, you have to understand that there are many different types of massage that are available. For you to get the type you are seeking, you have to make sue that the massage girl that you have hired is trained in the correct techniques. You also have to be sure that she understands what kind of massage you are looking for, before you book her. This will avoid any confusion that may embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. The different types of massage that are available from different services are also important to understand before hand, because if you accidentally book a massage service that does not offer the types of massage that you are looking for, then you are just going to get a regular old massage that you can find anywhere. If this is not what you are looking for, then you are going to be disappointed.

Regular types of massage will be things like Swedish, Deep Tissue and therapeutic. These are all different and are going to use varying amounts of pressure and hand motions in order to achieve the results that you want. They are going to concentrate on different parts of the body, but mostly will focus on the back and the legs. These types of rub downs are the types that you might get from a doctor or a chiropractor in order to loosen up the muscles that are tight after an injury or over-use. These types of techniques are known by almost every massage person, but the specialized types that came from Asian countries are different. These are typically referred to as “happy release massage,” “sensual massage,” “erotic massage,” or “Asian massage.” These types of massage also involve not only the rub down but a more sensual element that is designed to allow for relaxation of your mind as well as your body. The techniques are designed to allow for the release of built up frustration and tension in the parts of your body that are not often touched by others, and will allow for you to be fulfilled in addition to being relaxed. Many times, the sensual massage girl will use not only her hands but other parts of her body as well to massage your muscles. She will also concentrate on the front part of your body in addition to your back. Most regular types of massage will avoid your front because sensual massage will often times result in arousal, which can be uncomfortable if the massage girl is not correctly trained. Our services specialize in erotic massage and all the Asian variations, and happen in your own home or hotel room for added comfort. We strive to make sure that you get the type of relaxing massage that you are seeking.

Our service is one of the only ones in Las Vegas where our girls are trained in Asian massage techniques. Most are going to provide a regular, boring massage. Call us when you want more.