Why Choose Nuru Massage?

Everyone loves a good massage, and when you can find a massage girl who also knows the specific type of massage that you like it is going to be even better. Some people are going to prefer a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage. Some may prefer deep tissue or maybe a therapeutic massage. For others they are going to find the entire massage process to be very sexy and sensual, and for them there is nuru massage. “Nuru massage” is an Asian technique that is named after the Japanese word for “slippery,” and it employs just that for it’s specifics. The oil that is used is a combination of natural elements that creates a slippery surface, that surface being the skin that it is applied to. A nuru massage girl uses more than just her hands to massage your muscles, additionally using her entire body. She sill literally rub herself on you as the massage technique, using her butt and breasts, her stomach and hands. She will massage both your back and your front, and will concentrate on the areas of your body that hold the most tension. You tell her where you want her to touch you and that is where she will rub you down.

Nuru massage is specifically designed to be sexy and sensual. You are encouraged to fantasize about your nuru massage girl while she is rubbing you, and it is expected that you will probably become aroused. If you do, do not be embarrassed or feel that you cannot continue with the massage. This is actually what nuru massage is all about, and the term “happy release” is often associated with it. Nuru massage is all about massaging the areas where there is tension, and everyone knows the areas of men that generally hold the most tension! The nuru massage girl understand this, and wants for you to have a massage experience like no other. This is why most nuru massage is performed in “outcall” situations. This means that the nuru massage girl comes to you and massages you in your hotel room or your home. This way, a more private experience can be had where you can relax more than if you were out in a business somewhere. Most people who experience nuru massage prefer to have it done in their location.

Las Vegas is one of the best places for nuru massage in the world, and we have some of the best nuru massage girls around. Because so many men come to Las Vegas on business, they are usually tired after work and maybe a little lonely. Nothing would feel better than a massage from a beautiful Asian girl, and we are there to satisfy these needs. Our nuru massage girls are specifically trained in the techniques that will make you feel better during your trip to Las Vegas, and they are discreet as well. They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and when it comes to our massage girls they mean it!